Saturday, August 30, 2014

Virtual Pharmacies

Modern Healthcare systems are developing at a pace, beyond one's imagination. The burgeoning pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, health insurance companies and their operations have largely magnified my curiosity, about this industry. Understanding new dimensions and multiple operational intricacies that exist within the universal healthcare ecosystem is truly exciting.

The kind of drugs that have been introduced in the market in the past years have been exceedingly overwhelming, both in quality and quantity. These drugs are remarkably evolved in their efficacy and pricing. Traditionally, patients who were put on special therapies visited their concerned doctors/hospitals only when they were scheduled for routine check ups or sessions. There were no means by which every patient could be microscopically monitored. Missing a dose, discontinuing therapies, dealing with side effects are common occurrences within most patients. Keeping tabs on how the medicines are treating patients or more importantly, how patients treat their medicines was disturbingly unfeasible.                                                                                              
Drugs for cancers, Multiple Sclerosis, Hepatitis to name a few, have always been tightly regulated. These fall into a family of drugs that are shockingly expensive. Patients, to whom these drugs have to be administered need constant monitoring and follow ups. Some drugs are known to cause major side effects, need careful medical attention. Very Often, patients are not compliant to therapies to an expected measure. Every patient is uniquely different, which stems the need to understand every patient, individually. The challenges of remaining persistent and adherent to therapies leave most patients frustrated. Irregularities in managing with the stipulated dose can severely hamper the benefits of the ongoing therapy. Keeping track of every patients medical history, medical insurance and providing customized medical care has resulted a new business in itself.

Pharmacies referred to as "Specialty Pharmacies" employ crucial services towards creating systematic healthcare regimes. These are virtual pharmacies that operate to connect the Pharmaceuticals, Health Insurance providers and Hospitals to the needs of a patient at various stages. The specialty pharmacies function by stocking drugs obtained from pharmaceuticals that develop them. Once the patient is prescribed therapy, the role of these special pharmacies becomes eminent. They build close dynamic associations with patients to ensure steady progress. Patients are closely monitored at every advancing stage of the treatment by regular follow ups and feedback. They act by building customized Patient assistance programs wherein the patients are offered all benefits covered by under their insurance.

The collaboration of all entities associated with patient healthcare, facilitated by specialty pharmacies  has evidently proved be extremely important in managing most therapies.

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